Lovely Bride - Lanie List


Our wedding planning tip we talk all about wedding planning decision fatigue. Planning a wedding involves many decisions and options and that can get overwhelming, especially when there are so many feelings involved from the fiance to family and friends!


For the Real Housewives Roundup we talk all about the last two episodes of NYC including episode 4 "The Etiquette of Friendship" and episode 5 "The Politics of Friendship" and these ladies come for eachother over such petty things and we relive the election nightmare through Carol. 

Had am amazing time chatting with the founder of Lovely bride Lanie List! We talk all about how and why she started her company, the plans for the future and wedding dress tips!

Lanie had a fashion show and her outfits were made of candy, so sweet and delicious and look how far she has come since then!

Lovely bride began right here in New York City and now has 12 locations nationwide with plans for me! 

For the first time ever Jove tried on a wedding dress and had so much fun doing it! Sometimes bigger is better ;)


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