Samm Blake

Wedding Vendor Tipping Guide! 


So happy to share all about what to tip your wedding vendors! Weddings fall into the service industry so tipping is always appreciated, but never required! Below we share our recommended tipping guide for your big day! The more you love the vendor, the bigger the tip :)

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The Real Housewives of New York City is back and we are LOVING everything about the new season! Naturally Bethenny Frankle is the queen of the season premiere and brings her whole honest self to the episode! We meet a brand new housewife Jules, watch Carol and her new man Adam interact and martini loving Dorinda being annoyed with her man John!

Our special guest, photographer Samm Blake!

We had the best time chatting with photographer Samm Blake! We talked all about how she got her start, her training, travels, love life and cute kitties!