starting a podcast!

Starting a podcast!

We could not be more excited to share the BIG NEWS! Founder and creative director Jove Meyer is starting a podcast - WEDDINGS-ish with Jove! 

After planning and designing nearly 200 weddings over the last 8 years he has some great stories, tips and advice to share! Each episode will focus on a wedding planning topic like flowers, budget, venue, entertainment, etc. 

Whether you're gay or straight, male or female, single, engaged or just wedding obsessed this podcast is for you!

WEDDINGS-ish with Jove will be a bi-weekly podcast talking about all about weddings-ish with a special guest on each episode! 

Some of our wonderful guests are Ron Ben-Israel, Orfeh, Putnam & Putnam, Carats & Cake, Loverly and so many more!

Our first episode (The 5 W's) will air on Wednesday, February 3rd! Listen here and or subscribe on iTunes :)

Email all questions to or tweet / instagram us @jovemeyer

All recordings and music in the link above are by Melanie Flannery © 2016 and available for use by Jove Meyer for use in his podcast "Weddings-ish With Jove" to be credited as MIXTAPE: a cover band for hipsters,