Hana + Brian's Joyous Celebration!

We are in the business of love, and we enjoy nothing more than the celebration of two people and the union of two families.  Because of this, being a part of Hana and Brian's melse, a continued celebration of just that, was a truly special moment for us.  

It was an evening full of old and new traditions, joyous dancing and loving blessings from their friends and family.  Being surrounded by their loved ones, enjoying in the moment of love and true happiness was such an inspiration.  You could not be in the room and not dance; you could not see the love all around and not smile.  

Thank you, Hana and Brian, for sharing in the celebration of your love! 

Getting Ready

Table Details

Beautiful Beginnings

Let the Celebration Continue

Venue: 501 Union

Planner: Jove Meyer Events

Photography: Comfort Studio 

Florals: August Sage and Violet

Cake: Nine Cakes 

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